Scholars of Iran Roads (15-Day Tour)

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Scholars of Iran Roads (15-Day Tour)

Tehran, Yazd, Kerman, Shiraz, Isfahan & Kashan


Facts & Highlights:

You are going to experience different attractions of Iran, with different climates, temperatures, cultures, people and customs. * Caravanserai * Desert * Traditional bath *  Ancient Religious Schools called Madras * Ancient Mosques * Traditional Irrigation System called Qanat * Paresis(Zoroastrians) fire temple and chapel * s Gardens * Church and etc.

Day 1    Welcome, Transfer and Tour
Guide will welcome you, transfer to the hotel. Taking some rest then go through the city and explore it. Tehran was chosen as the capital of Iran in 18th century and so far is the capital. It has experienced the Qajar kings and Pahlavi, now is the center of Islamic Republic of Iran. A city that was a small village near Raga/Rey centuries before.
Overnight Tehran

Day 2    Two centuries as a capital
City tour of Teheran. Museums and attractions; one of them is National/Archeological museum built before world war II by a French architect called Andre Godare. It is a mother museum in where many objects are displaying the life in Iran since pre-historic till Islam and post-Islam. Another attraction is Golestan palace, a UNESCO site in downtown closed to Tehran Bazar.
Overnight  Teheran

Day 3    Drive to Yazd
En route visit mosques of Naein. Then, Meybod and visiting Narin castle, Ice house and dove cat/ pigeon house; after that visiting Ceramic gallery. It will be a bit long drive; we leave the plain of Tehran and go for desert. Naein mosque is one of the first mosques built soon after Islam entrance to Iran. Its plan is similar to Prophet Mohammad`s mosque in Medina.
Overnight Yazd

Day 4     Around Yazd
Yazd city tour for visiting Silence Towers, Fire Temple, Water Museum, Friday Mosque, Amir Chakchak chapel and walking in the ancient part of Yazd and Dolat Abad garden. Yazd is the city of Yazd Gerd, a Sassanid King. It is the sister in law of Venice, Italy. Yazd is one of Iran provinces located in the center of the country with the area of 131,575 km².
Overnight Yazd

Day 5     Yazd and Caravanserai to Kerman
Afternoon drive toward Zeinoldin caravanserai to enjoy sunset on the roof of only round caravanserai of 17th. Century in desert. Overnight stay in Caravanserai. Bathroom and wash-room are not private at the caravanserai. It is, if not the only, one of the round caravanserais in Iran. You experience the life of travelers during 400 years ago.
OVernight Kerman

Day 6    Kerman
Mahan and attractions, Early in the morning depart for visiting Baghe Shahzade(Garden) of 19th century, Rayen citadel of Sassanid period and mausoleum of Shah Nematolah(Sufism). Human settlements in Kerman dates back to the 4th millennium BC. It used to be one of the Achamenid satrapy called Carmania. Then it was founded as a defensive outpost, by Artaxrexes Papakan (I) in the 3rd century AD.
Overnight  Kerman

Day 7     Kalout and culture
In the morning visiting Bazaar and Jebelieh dome of Kerman. Then go toward Shahdad to visit sunset of desert in Kalouts of Shahdad which is the hottest part of the world (reaches to almost 60 centigrade degrees). It is located in Kavire Lout of Iran.
ernight Kerman

Day 8    A Long Day Drive!
Early in the morning drive toward Shiraz. En route visiting Mahriz mosque and Sarvestan palace (Sassanid period). Shiraz is located in a valley between some parts of Zagros mountain chains. It is the capital of fourth largest province of Iran called Fars. It is the city of poets and poems, gardens, flowers; then it is called the capital of affection in Persia.
Overnight Shiraz

Day 9    Shiraz
A city tour in Shiraz including Bazaar, Karim Khan Citadel, Eram garden and Pink mosque. Then visiting Narenjestan Qavam is done. As you know, Shiraz has been the capital of Iran in 18th century. Karim Khan was the king who never called himself the king, he was people`s advocate. The places in the city, Bazzar and citadel, were built in his time.
Overnight Shiraz

Day 10    Persepolis
57 kilometer far from Shiraz, the ceremonial capital and cut-rock-thumbs of Achamenid dynasty will be visited. Persepolis has been the capital of Achaemenid empire. This ceremonial capital was founded by Darrius in 530 BC; and was burnt by Alexander in 330 BC. Also, we visit the cut-rock-thumbs of Achaemenid kings in where many bas-reliefs of Sassanid kings exist. It is called Naqshe-Rostam.
Overnight close to Persepolis site

Day 11     Cyrus the Great
Drive for Pasargadae and visit the first city-garden of the world; built by Cyrus the Great. En-route to Isfahan, visit Izad Khast village dating back to Sassanid dynasty, 4th century. Izad Khast is a village that has a caravanserai of 17th century and a castle of the Sassanid period. Means two houses that one is pre-Islamic and another one is Islamic.
Overnight Isfahn

Day 12      Safavid
Visiting Shaking minarets, Vank cathedral, then hypostyle hall, and historical bridges. It used to be called Sepahan. Its Arabic version is Isfahan, the capital of Iran during 17th century. The city that was chosen as the capital by Safavid king and was developed during the time of Shah Abbas.
Overnight  Isfahan

Day 13     Jey 
Morning visit in Friday mosque (Encyclopedia of Islamic architecture). It is believed that it used to be a fire temple in pre-Islamic period. This mosque is as old as the Islamic face of Isfahan. The plans of the mosque and city are in the same age. Jame/Friday mosque of Isfahan has different styles of the architecture since 8th century till 19th century. Then we visit Imam square and its peripheral edifices. The square which is the second biggest square of the world after Tian-Amen in China.
Overnight   Isfahan

Day 14     Leave the Plateau
Driving to Kashan and en-route visiting Friday mosque of Natanz then Abyane village (2020meters above sea level with habitants). Kashan deviates from the word “Key Ashyan” means “the place of kings”. There are many theories about the name like Kassids who were one of the tribes in the time of Cyrus, the great.
Overnight Kashan

Day 15     Kashan
Visit Fin Garden, historical houses, and religious school. At night drive for IKIA to catch flight back.

Departure Dates & Price (+6)
(DBL) 4690 USD $
(SNGL) 4690 USD $ +400 USD $

Activity Level: 2-3
Comfort Level: Some long drives.
Accommodations: Very comfortable hotels with private bathroom facilities


 Tour includes:
1- Airport transfer
2- A/C Coach
3- Professional Tour Guide
4- Accomodation and Breakfast
5- Lunch and Dinner (F/B)
6- Mineral Water, Tea, Coffee and Sweets
7- IRAN Visa Reference Number (LOI)
8- All Entrances Tour
Tour Excluded :
1 - Tour Guide and Driver Tips
2 - Int`l flight - Travel Insurance
3 - Personal expenses like laundry, shopping, hotel mini-bar

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