It may be considered the snobish and panaroic article! Geological researches has proven that when Europe had been covered by glaciers, the plateau of Iran had a pluvial period. It was the time that high valleys used to be under water. The valleys were drying up in almost fifth millennium B.C. The oldest human settlement has been in Syialk hills in Kashan, almost two hundred, 200km, far from the capital of the Islamic Repoblic of Iran. It is clear that a country from 5000 B.C. till now, more than 7000 years, the land of Iran on the silk road, the empire of the mind, Persia that is the gate of all nations has much many ups and downs. All these have resulted in a complicated history, deep culture, various architecture styles, and etc. In addition, due to different climates there are many tribes, ethnics, and customes. These are some points for requesting dear tourists to read before departure. In advance reading about history, architecture, climate, tribes of the land of Persia, reading ablout states quo of Iran will really allow dear tourists explore the country of Islamic Republic of Iran as it is. For introducing valid references, through our experts`experience, our team is at your service.