- Is it safe to travel to Iran now?

One of worries about travelling is going to a safe destination. Iran undoubtedly is one of most safe destination not in the Middle East rather in the world. Although there are recent rise of terrorism groups, such as ISIS, and actions in the world that have heightened fears while travelling, Iran represents one of the safest tourism destinations to travel to. There has been no terrorist attack in Iran in the last twelve years. There has not been also any significant political unrest in the country. Absolutely, there is not any threat to any non-Iranians who come to Iran. It has been considered by many European countries and they have reduced their travel warnings to Iran. Averagely, these recent years three to four Americans travel to Iran per day.

- Is it safe for US citizens to visit Iran?

US, UK and Canadian citizens are requested to have their itinerary and tour guide and sticking to the itinerary. Their tour guide must do as itinerary is said. Due to having no embassy in Iran, and being so sensitive about their citizens in Iran, Tehran has chosen this method. These tourists travel with tour guides who are experienced and active in tourism. They, besides being a guide, should be responsible as an escort. It would be said that Iranians are keen to offer their hospitality to these citizens. There are some problems between governors but it doesn’t stop Iranians from having warm feelings for tourists from UK, USA and Canada.

- Is it possible to travel to Iran as an unmarried couple?

Be sure travelling to Iran will not be a problem that is displayed outside! Almost nobody asks you about it. Your relationship status is never important for Iranian tourism practitioners like hoteliers. There is no certificate, document or proof of marriage for tourists required in Iran. It does not include unmarried Persian couples. They are not allowed to get a hotel room. If you’re married to an Iranian you should carry your marriage certificate with passport as proof of marriage or you will have the Iranian passport.

- Does Int`l credit cards work in Iran?

The answer is No. Unfortunately, because of economic embargos and US sanctions on Iran, international credit cards do not work in Iran. It is advised to travelers to have cash with them. It would be said that Iran Heritage Tours (IHTO) has solved the problem. In the case of travelling with us it is explained to you through emails.

- Is it possible to backpack or travel independently in Iran?

Backpacking is a type of tourism and backpackers are welcomed as tourists in Iran. However, it is not very well known in Iran as it is in Europe or some other countries. Now there are some specific backpacker hostels that we could call them gest house or eco-lodges. There are budget hotels including breakfast, affordable accommodations, and public transportation system within and between the cities that make backpacking possible. Therefore, traveling independently or backpacking in Iran are possible and not difficult.

- Is it safe for women to travel to Iran?

It is safe. Non-Iranian women like Iranians should follow the dress codes. The code articles are wearing a headscarf and not allowing the skins on your arm or legs be shown in the public. If you are a backpacker, you should consider that there is a gender segregation of public transport for women. It means there are segregated buses within the cities that normally the front part is for women and back part of the bus in for men. Moreover, there are two only-women wagons in the trains of subway, one in front of the train and one at the end. Men are not allowed to enter to those wagons but women are allowed to enter to other wagons. Iran is safe but as a woman, like whole the world, you should be aware about the cases.

- Are Iranian locals friendly?

If we say Iranians are the friendliest people in the world, we have never exaggerated. Hospitality is Iranians culture. It has been extended by most of tourists who have visited Iran. Virtual, social and other networks are demonstrating and proving it if you take a look through them. You will find people who start conversations with you about where you are from, do you enjoy Iran and etc. They even may invite you to have tea, lunch or dinner with them. In one word, Iranians are friendly and hospitable people.

- Is it polluted?

Some metropolitans in Iran have underwent a massive population. It has been increased over the past few years. One of these cities that experiences the most polluted days in Tehran, the capital of Islamic Republic of Iran. There are pollution control programs like expanding and developing public transportation system. Except Tehran, most of other cities in where there are tourism attractions in, do not have major problems with pollution.

- Are alcohol and pork meat free in Iran?

Drinking alcohol is forbidden and against the Iran law. It is the same about pork meat. There is no shop permitted to sell these products. Tourists in the case of possession of alcohol will face (maybe) deportation or fine. Their guide may also be fined. There is Non-Alcoholic beer with various tastes in Iran as a soft drink or beverage and is widely used. Pork meat is never available. When it comes to red meats, Iranians eat beef or lamb meats. Chicken and fish meat are consumed, too.

- Can I buy souvenirs like Persian carpets in Iran?

Yes. Shopping in Iran and especially in Isfahan, the second shopping city in the world, is wonderful. Persian handicrafts are marvelous and one of them are Persian carpets and rugs. Iran is known for having the best rugs and carpets in the world. Even one or two big (3 to 4 meters) carpets you can buy. It is shipped to your country. Other souvenirs like enamel, miniature and etc. are perfect in Iran. It would be said that carpets and other handicrafts that have a historical background are considered antique; then trading them is illegal.

- Is taking photos of historical sites and people permitted in Iran?

It is up to the places you visit. In many mosques photography both inside and outside is allowed. Photography is not allowed in some museums, in some non-flash photos are allowed. Generally, it is permitted. In the case of being prohibited a sign will indicate. Photography of government and military buildings is not allowed; of course, there are signs. For people, ask for permission before taking photos especially of specific people. You will often receive a positive response.