Why Us

Why We Are Different?

A group for creating delicious  eco cultural experience for dear travelers from around the world   

Iran Heritage Tours group is the first adventure eco-cultural company designed exclusively for all ages especially considering 45 and over. This group has worked during many years for tourism companies within and out of Iran. Now it is our mission to sell the quality reasonably in a direct way. We should say thanks to travel, tour and immigration phenomenon that occurred to our friends and they moved to explore new horizons. It made us starting a team work to introduce Iran and help eagerly those others who are interested in exploring Iran, the country of 5000 B.C. formerly called Persia. Iranians are considered if not the most but one of the most hospitable hosts in the world. We offer active, off-the-beaten-path, lecturer, happy and heritage small and big group adventures and cultural tours through the ancient large country of Persia. Our knowledge of tourism, our almost comprehensive information about history, architecture, nature, costumes are strengthened by the experience we have taken during many years in tourism universities and markets. Special properties and requirements are needed for foreign cultural conception. It is different from a single ethnic cultural tourist. Cultural differences require the relevant practitioners what we are. It is essential to the global propagation perception of the splendid Iranian or Persian culture. As an overseas guest-serving career, our team performs the function of foreign propagation. Iran is the country of beneath the mystery, beyond the history; and with us you excavate these cultural layers. We do more than what we say. We invite you to browse through our website, take our catalogues or give our people in your country a call. A real person will always answer you not during business hours, rather any time. We have strongly proven that quality is not expensive. Our team is ready to prove it again and again. We highly believe that the time of “tourists” has passed away. Due to this, our view is “the tourist” in order to meet your expectations. We willingly invite you to travel with our groups and enjoy your journey. Last, as tourism is for fraternity between nations, and it is for people, we would like to declare that we are exactly ordinary people who run their own business independently. A group of tourism educated people who receives no support from any (governmental or state) organization. We glory in peoples` support. We would let you know that we support those students who need to be supported to finish their studies. We hope you choose joining “Iran Heritage Tours” on one of our small group adventures that are for all travelers with considering  45 plus dears. We, through cultural intelligence, are prepared to have multi nationality groups resulting in more and more friendships between people. Join to experience peace and joy. Quality is never expensive.