Who We Are
Iran Heritage Tours
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Green Tourism Group

A group of well-educated new generation, with the goal of reaching at Fraternity between Nations which results in Peace, has entered directly to the huge international market of tourism. Iran Heritage Tours group consists of different university classmates and colleagues, now friends who are living in different countries of the world. Of course, some of them live in Iran and are tourism practitioners as well as activists. Members of this group; two of them live in Iran, one in Belgium, one in Turkey and one in Italy. The package of the internet technology, our knowledge in different domains, and our experience with international tourists and tourism companies allows us keep in touch, have a team work, and have an affordable professional supply chain in order to supply direct tour and tourism services to end users as well as dear tourists. We glory in not being supported by any Govermental or State organization. We would like a free market and not exclusive one for all tour and tourism practitioners. Tourism is For Fraternity between Nations.

Our team consists of:

In Iran (Head Office): Mehdi Afrash called "MD.Afrach" who carries a master degree in tourism marketing management. He is a licensed tour guide since 2005. Mehdi has a good experience in tour and tourism services such as operating and guiding incoming American, Canadian, Australian, British, and French tourist groups. He is familliar with English and French languages. Mehdi was given the admission by the Recreation, Park and Tourism Department at Texas A&M University for spring 2021 PhD program.