Who We Are
Iran Heritage Tours
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Green Tourism Group

A group of well-educated new generation, with the goal of reaching at Fraternity between Nations that results in Peace, has entered directly to the huge international market of tourism. Iran Heritage Tours group consists of different university classmates and colleagues, now friends who are living in different countries of the world. Of course, some of them live in Iran and are tourism activists and practitioners. People of this group; two of them live in Iran, one in the States, one in UK, and one in Italy. Thanks to the internet technology, our knowledge in different domains, our experience with international tourists and tourism companies that allow us to keep in touch, have a team work, and have an affordable high quality supply chain in order to offer direct tourism services to end users and dear tourists. We glory in not being supported by any Govermental or State organization. We would like a free market and not exclusive one.

Our team consists of:

  In USA: Amir Assadi
who used to live in Canada and after graduating in PhD got the post doctorate scholarship and now lives in US. He is a brilliant university professor who also spends his time for cultural activities like tourism. He is clearly familiar with tourism since he lives in the United States where the home of Hollywood and the birthplace of jazz is. As you know, US is the third country with the greatest cultural influence in the world. If you called him and there was no answer, we are sorry, maybe he is teaching on the university class!

  In Italy: Ali Rezaei  who after having graduated in bachalor of English language  and literature from Shiraz university in 2012, moved to Venice to study Italian philology and literature. He lives in Venice now, and furthure to his studies is also engaged in tourism activities both in Iran -by travelling there to accompany Italian groups throughout the country- and in Venice where is one of the world's most remarkable destinations. it's notable to say that he collaborates with several known Italian agencies like Maurizio levi.

 In Iran: Mehdi Afrach called MD Afrach who carries a master degree in tourism marketing management. He is a licensed tour guide since 2005. Mehdi has a good experience in tour and tourism services such as operating and guiding incoming American, Canadian, Australian, British, and French tourist groups. He speaks English and French languages.

 In UK: Shiva Amirkhani who is a PhD scholarship student at the University of West London. She is working on Sustainable Design in architecture as her doctorate thesis. She got in Iran her MSc Architectural Technology and In UK: MSc Health, Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings from the UCL (University College London). Her studies in Iran were at UT (University of Tehran). Since she is very knowledgeable in sustainable design and development, she collaborates with Iranheritagetours group as a sustainable tourism consultant. As you know, the concentration of tourism in Iran is almost mainly on the edifices and monuments. Moreover, she is a highly dynamic person in the field of cultural activities like tourism