Tour Leaders

Tour Guides in Iran Heritage Tours

Mehdi Afrash called MD.Afrach who carries a master degree in tourism marketing management. He is a licensed tour guide since 2005. Mehdi has a good experience in tour and tourism services such as operating and guiding incoming American, Canadian, Australian, British, and French tourist groups. He is familiar with English and French languages.

Tell:         +98 912 709 5968
Skype:    Mehdi.Afrach

Sima Jahandideh
carries a master degree in tourism planning management. She is a licensed tour guide, as well as a TOEFL and a GRE expert. Sima is Iran recommended guide by
GuideAdvisor. Sima has worked as a guide with different nationalities like American, Canadian, New Zealand, Australian, and British tour groups. She is really a planner.

Hossein Aryan Sadr who carries a Bachelor of Art in English Language Translation. He is active in the field of Incoming and Outgoing tours since 2001. He has a good experience of working with different nationalities; moreover, he has a trustworthy information about Iran`s history and cities. It has made him a knowlagable sophisticated tour leader of Iranheritagetours group. He had a chance to study Archeology in the level of master.

Venus Jahandideh: As her B.S., she has studied “Restoration of Ancient Monuments” at the University of Kerman ( After graduation, Venus worked in this field for many a year. In fact, she is a sophisticated expert in historical monuments restoration affairs. Venus is a master degree graduated in the field of “Old Persian Languages”  from Beheshti University ( Venus, a highly music interested person, is a helpful member of the group. She is a wonderful tour guide to explain the old edifices as well as transcriptions.