Tour Leaders

Tour Guides in Iran Heritage Tours

Sima Jahandideh
carries a master degree in tourism planning management. She is also a licensed tour guide and Iran recommended guide by
GuideAdvisor. She has worked in tourism for many years. Sima has worked as a guide with different nationalities like US, Canadian, New Zealand, Australian, and UK tourist groups.

Tell:         +98 917 177 5505
Skype:     Iran heritage tours

Hossein Aryan Sadr who carries a Bachelor of Art in English Language Translation. He is active in the field of Incoming and Outgoing tours since 2001. He has a good experience of working with different nationalities; moreover, he has a trustworthy information about Iran`s history and cities. It has made him a knowlagable sophisticated tour leader of Iranheritagetours group. He had a chance to study Archeology in the level of master.

Tell:        +98 912 297 1134

Mehdi Afrach called MD Afrach who carries a master degree in tourism marketing management. He is a licensed tour guide since 2005. Mehdi has a good experience in tour and tourism services such as operating and guiding incoming US, Canadian, Australian, UK, French tourist groups. He speaks English and French languages.

Tell:         +98 912 709 5968
Skype:    Mehdi.Afrach

Fatemeh Davari who graduated from the best school of engineering in Iran that is called Sharif University. She continued her studies in tourism management in the level of master degree. She is eco and cultural licensed tour guide. Almost 6 years ago they moved to Canada and are enjoying their life there.

Tell: +1 587-438-4799

Rana Nekoumanesh who has studied Art in the University of Tehran (UT). Since being in love with history, art, architecture and most importantly interact with the straight sociability relations between people, she made decision to become a cultural tour guide.

Tell: +32 478 - 438 - 587